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About us

Scientific Production Enterprise "NIR" was founded on 23 October 1992 initiating an entirely new - fetoterapevtychnomu direction in medicine. The main areas of activity - research, development, production and introduction of new medicines. Creation of the company was the result of years of research aimed at studying the possibilities of using high biological potential of embryonic tissue, which resulted in the creation of highly efficient medicines based on them. Medicines created from embryonic tissue are highly effective and safe. A distinctive feature of these medicines is a wide range of regulatory actions. Regulatory embryonic peptides are signaling molecules that trigger recovery processes and act only where needed. "NIR" experts have developed a number of pharmacological agents based on embryonic tissue of cattle such as Cerebrocurin, Propes, Inflamafertyn, Bipeks. It is proved that medicines based on embryonic tissues launch underlying mechanisms of recovery, thus extending the possibilities of treatment in a wide range of pathological conditions.
Propes - preparation of regulatory peptides, including alpha- and beta-defensin, with a strong immunomodulatory effects used in a wide range of diseases based on a breach of primarily cellular immunity. This is primarily cancer, chronic infections (including viral hepatitis), allergic diseases. Propes is used in oncology because of its own antitumor activity and ability to protect the body from the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy, allowing the necessary therapeutic measures in full, prevents the development of side effects.Using Propes to avoid recurrences and metastases, prolongs life and improves quality of patients life. Recent studies have shown high efficacy in the treatment Propesu demyelinating diseases of the nervous system.
Cerebrocurin - a set of regulatory peptides derived from the brain of cattle embryos. Used in a wide range of neurological diseases, the recovery of the nervous system, prevents the formation of severe pathology, shorten hospital treatment.
Inflamafertyn - a medicine based on placental regulatory peptides with a strong anti-inflammatory action. Widely used in gynecology for the prevention and treatment of female infertility, chronic inflammatory diseases. Severe biodegradable and immunomodulatory effects of the drug to ensure its effectiveness in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, which are based on the inflammatory component.
A significant contribution to the development of medicine confirmed by numerous awards, both Ukrainian and international.
SPE "NCI" was nominated by Institute of research at Oxford and the European Market Research Centre in Brussels in the list of 100 best companies of Ukraine in the category "Chemical-pharmaceutical industry." Another international award is received EMRC Award "EuroMarket Award" - a high score achievements and the achievements of the laureates of the international community.

Mission and Values

Scientific-Production Enterprise "NIR" was created with the aim of creation, production and promotion of new original drugs. We have created products that work where others powerless. They help to cancer patients, people with disorders of the nervous system, autoimmune diseases, infertility, and many others.
Our preparations are equally effective as for treatment and prevention - can preserve health, prolong youth, an active full life of each person.

Our mission - to give hope to those who have already despaired. Our products work where all the other powerless.

Our main value - the value of human life.



Scientific Production Enterprise "NIR" Our Address:  Kharkiv avenu, 50, Kiev, Ukraine 02160 telephone: +38 (044) 292-30-91 Email: nirua92@gmail.com

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